Client Overview

Stephen Courtney is an accomplished furniture designer/maker and fine art photographer. In 2003 The Smithsonian Institution secured Stephen’s ‘Secretarial Desk’ for inclusion within the National Gallery of American Art. Modern and progressive. That is how Stephen likes design the most. Dynamic and different. Furniture as art… as sculpture. Sculpture with purpose, utility and function. Useful objects of art designed to enrich, to elevate the living experience and summons a sense of spirit and beauty to the human environment.

Goal Definition

Stephen Courtney is an artist, a visionary. He knows what he likes, but even more importantly – what he doesn’t. Often times when working with a client like Stephen, we learn very valuable lessons about form and function. Like his furniture, Stephen is complex, emotional, and truly one of a kind. He came to WidgetWorkz with one goal in mind, and that goal can be described in one word – clean. He had no desire for bells and whistles, stating that he’d rather let the furniture do his bidding. After a few go-rounds of concepts and designs, we settled on a design so clean that it makes the furniture almost jump off the computer screen. Needless to say, we were quite happy to make this particular client – quite happy.

UX Design

Before creating Stephen Courtney’s website, we performed a thorough investigation of the Art Furniture community. Our search identified strengths and weaknesses with other artist’s websites and offered our designers an opportunity to analyze the project and formulate a design strategy. In addition to scrutinizing the marketplace with the perceptive eye of our UX designers, We dug deep into the quantitative web analytics our search provided, drawing firm conclusions from the data and translating it into an actionable design plan. For the website’s aesthetic, we began by selecting a host of aspects of websites that we knew to be upscale and clean. From there, our front-end engineers began customize the framework, tailoring it to align with Stephen Courtney’s brand. As the design neared completion, the UX team conducted final tests to verify the platform’s usability before it was passed to development. Stephen Courtney’s response was overwhelmingly positive, which made the journey of this website’s development that much more pleasing.

WordPress Development

Stephen Courtney wanted to utilize the power of WordPress for the backend of his website, as it recognized the flexibility and overall popularity of the platform on the web. Utilizing this content management system, allowed for our maintenance team to make quick changes, edit, and delete unwanted content on the website. From maps, image galleries, videos, and basic articles, it had to be easy to use for everyone, and for all types of content, which was why WordPress was chosen for this project.

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