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Site Overview

At Treat Planet, they love dogs…and they let you know that fact every chance they get. That’s why they create natural, healthy eco-friendly pet products made in the USA. Products like Etta Says! premium chews and all natural treats, Hare of the Dog 100% natural rabbit treats, and Snicky Snaks true USDA organic treats. All of the Treat Planet brands include innovative products made from unique proteins and all natural ingredients. Pets love them, and their owners trust the Treat Planet name.

Design Platform

Project Goals

Pet treats have always been a much-talked-about segment of pet food production. They have yet to gain the market share numbers of pet food for either cats or dogs, for many reasons, but mainly due to the vast amount of options for treats that fall into this category. Nevertheless, my charge was to make each one of the Treat Planet brand websites informative, and inviting. We initiated the “Become a Treat Planet Treat Tester”, which quickly became a viable way for the company to retain website visitor information for future marketing campaigns, as well as generate additional revenue.

Website architecture is an approach to the design and planning of websites that involves technical, aesthetic and functional criteria. With an abundance of products, within several family brands, we had to focus the site map of the the Treat Planet website to be easy to navigate throughout the entire structure. Proper grouping of brands was essential to ensuring the site’s success. We used the WordPress platform, along with several custom plugins and hard-wired google analytics and custom Search Engine Optimization to aid in its browser functionality.

Treat Planet is a small, but happening company floating in a sea of pet treat manufacturers, so it was imperative that their websites could be easily viewed on any device, which is apparently a factor that their competitors overlooked. Not only was multi-device capability and important factor, but also the speed in which the site loaded. We focused on keeping the site designs lite, with minimal backend plugins, eliminating any potholes to slow down the site loading process on all devices.

Clean, clean, clean… clean was the word of focus for this build. We constructed a custom WordPress theme, paying close attention to the branding constants that we focus on with every build. The design has to be visually pleasing, and the navigation had to be effortless.

What good is launching a website without including an ample amount of optimization? It would be like baking a birthday cake and forgetting the frosting…why bother? For the Cute Clothes website we used the power of hardcoding keywords into the structure of the website, as well as utilizing the additional aid of Google Analytics.

Many people online shopping are beginning to come from mobile and tablet devices and this trend was increasing. We planned to design all of the new TreatPlanet website to be fully responsive and to provide a powerful experience for all platforms.

When approached with the opportunity to work with Treat Planet, we became immediately excited at the enormous potential of design opportunities that presented themselves. Not only were we given creative control over the design of their corporate website, but they also asked us to develop websites for each family of products that they sell. The charge was to design each brand’s website with a similar feel, form and function, while maintaining it’s own place amongst the Treat Planet family of products. If you’re a dog owner, you can do no better than Treat Planet’s family of products. You can thank us later.

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