Client Overview

At Treat Planet, they love dogs…and they let you know that fact every chance they get. That’s why they create natural, healthy eco-friendly pet products made in the USA. Products like Etta Says! premium chews and all natural treats, Hare of the Dog 100% natural rabbit treats, and Snicky Snaks true USDA organic treats. All of the Treat Planet brands include innovative products made from unique proteins and all natural ingredients. Pets love them, and their owners trust the Treat Planet name.

Goal Definition

Treat Planet’s corporate website was intended to be a long term project requiring several unique brand websites to be built. Treat Planet wanted to provide an interactive solution where their clients could see the facts about all of their products. Users needed to be able to simply access the product of interest, either in a search box, or through a dedicated product page. A high level of user experience was important to the client, which meant sorting by calories, ingredients, vitamins, and much more were necessary. Requirements and interests were gauged through market research that our Discovery Team implemented, that aided in the design framework for all of the Treat Planet brand websites.

UX Design

As a newly developed start-up brand, in a marketplace already saturated by countless treat companies vying for a foothold, Treat Planet’s idea was aimed to revolutionize an otherwise complex and varied market by introducing incentive programs to track customer patterns, and help them quickly find their niche within the marketplace. But the challenge didn’t end there. As with any innovation, the largest hurdle is always user reluctance. Our team of UX designers had to design a user friendly website, with an aesthetic focused on trust, reliability, and quality. In doing so, our design team once again showed their unparalleled expertise in balancing beautiful minimalism with incredibly sophisticated user-centered functionality.

WordPress Development

Treat Planet wanted to utilize the power of WordPress for the backend of their website, as it recognized the flexibility and overall popularity of the platform on the web. Utilizing this content management system, allowed for our maintenance team to make quick changes, edit, and delete unwanted content on the website. From maps, image galleries, videos, and basic articles, it had to be easy to use for everyone, and for all types of content, which was why WordPress was chosen for this project.

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