Warrior Instruments

Site Overview

Warrior Instruments is a boutique instrument company located in Tennessee. Their electric guitars, bass guitars and acoustic guitars are in a class of their own, often being coined the Rolls Royce of the guitar world. When we were approached to build another website for this company of skilled luthiers, we were challenged to build them a site that the rest of the industry would be envious of…and that’s exactly what we did. Not only did we design the site, but we also pt a more modern spin on their branding, which included photographing their instruments, as well as producing content videos for the website. This was definitely one of our favorite builds.

Design Platform

Project Outline

Our market research was comprised of 10 segments, led by luxury cars, luxury hospitality and personal luxury goods, which together account for 80% of the total market. This research proved itself invaluable to Warrior’s new marketing campaign, which we developed for them as well. “FEEL THE DIFFERENCE” was the tagline that we created for the campaign, which truly speaks to the first impression that discerning musicians express when they play a Warrior instrument for the first time.

Website architecture is an approach to the design and planning of websites that involves technical, aesthetic and functional criteria. As in traditional architecture, the focus is on the user and on user requirements. This requires particular attention to web content, the business plan, usability, interaction design, information architecture and web design. It also includes deciding technology stack, site map and navigation system of website.We used the WordPress platform, along with several custom plugins and hard-wired google analytics and custom Search Engine Optimization to aid in its browser functionality.

What good is having a website if your website cannot be seen on all devices. Warrior’s website design needed to be visible on all devices, and that visibility needed to display the images of their instruments in a manner in which the visitor could view the quality that goes into building each one. Speed of site load is always an issue when dealing with a product website that relies on the clarity of the images to shine through. We took extra care in the upload process of each product image, insuring that they would retain their quality while not slowing down the site.

Warrior Instruments is a company that believes passionately in the vitality and potential of their own brands. For them we needed to offer a clean and consistent approach to the design of their website. And this is the idea. First we apply intelligent analysis and original thinking. Rigorous and inventive. Then we develop and execute with a mindset of nothing but quality. Skilful and stylish are the two words we used during the development of this website. The two sides fed each other well, as we were able to deliver a beautifully finished result, on time and within budget.

It was obvious to us that Warrior’s audience is completely different from most of their main competitors. So the level of sophistication in the photographing of their instruments, was much more complex than that of most consumer products. With luxury you are buying into a lifestyle, becoming part of that fantasy and identity, so the images we captured while shooting their products had to convey that excitement. Traditional instrument photography can be boring and mundane, so we needed to offer their audience a fresh look at their beautiful instruments.

What good is launching a website without including an ample amount of optimization? It would be like baking a birthday cake and forgetting the frosting…why bother? For Warrior’s website we used the power of hardcoding keywords into the structure of the website, as well as utilizing the additional aid of Google Analytics. We employed the use of a few well-managed backend plugins to help increase Warrior’s site optimization, thus further increasing their internet footprint.
Project Review
by WidgetWorkz Team
Project Review
by WidgetWorkz Team
For the past 8 years, we have had the pleasure of working with the amazingly creative people at Warrior Instruments. With the majority of our design team being musicians themselves, we can definitely appreciate the amount of care and attention to detail that these fine people put into their fine instruments. Each instrument, made one at a time, “by hand”, is a rare find these days indeed. We needed to deliver a website and branding effort that speaks the same quality that Warrior become known for. We are now in the throws of designing Warrior an online store, which will features their accessories and clothing lines. Stay tuned for more info of that launch, soon approaching.
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