Goal Definition

Warrior Instruments is a boutique musical instrument company located in Tennessee. Their electric guitars, bass guitars and acoustic guitars are in a class of their own, often being coined the Rolls Royce of the guitar world. When we were approached to build another website for this company of skilled luthiers, we were challenged to build them a site that the rest of the industry would be envious of…and that’s exactly what we did. This was definitely one of our favorite builds.

Discovery + Brainstorming Session

The Warrior team wanted to spend a large chunk of time doing research on the current market trends, as they apply to custom guitar and bass demographics. Our team dug deep into the history of the musical instrument marketplace to discover trends and forecasts that became an important part of the success that Warrior Instruments experienced this past year. Through additional surveys and interviews, our team understood uncovered the journey of news consumption, how people like to interact with web content and articles, what people are willing to pay for in terms of customization and personalization of musical instruments, the education and demographic of core demographics, and the overall brand loyalty retention. Our UX team then conducted a competitive analysis of similar marketplace websites. Some of the features that they explored were: recommended content, content organization, and layout comparison. Once the preliminary research was completed and the data was analyzed, our UX team put together user journeys, user personas, and solution guidelines, to help Warrior not only increase its website traffic, but also build additional consumer faith and brand loyalty.

UX Design

Upon completion of the user journeys, personas, and solution guidelines, our team got started on the information architecture, interaction design, and interface design. The information architecture was completed after spending hours doing card sorting activities and creating a user and sitemap flow. The interaction design phase started with simple whiteboard sketches. Once an initial concept was decided on, the team took it to Warrior, and created interactive, clickable wireframes. We tested the wireframes with users and made revisions as needed. Once the final wireframes were approved by the Warrior team, the interactive wireframes were sent off to our interface designer, who put color and life into the frames. A moodboard was created, along with pixel-perfect mockups. The mockups were uploaded to Warrior for the client to comment on directly.

WordPress Development

Warrior Instruments wanted to utilize WordPress for the backend of their website, as it recognized the flexibility and overall popularity of the platform on the web. Utilizing this content management system, allowed for our maintenance team to make quick changes, edit, and delete unwanted content on the website. From maps, image galleries, videos, and basic articles, it had to be easy to use for everyone, and for all types of content, which was why WordPress was chosen for this project.

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